The Secret Skin Care Advice Of Famous Doctor, Dr Kiran Lohia
Hi guys, today we are going to meet you with Doctor Kiran Lohia (the famous dermatologist from New York) who guide you about the skin care. She is also the medical director of Lumiere Dermatology here in New Delhi. Most of the women actually asking about what I do for my skin? Don’t worry, in this post Dr Kiran Lohia has revealed the her beauty secrets with all of you. First thing, always wash your face with good quality cleansing oil (she thinks that oils are a beautiful way to moisturize and hydrate the skin) that give nutrition to the skin and they can also cleanse if formulated appropriately. So, it’s like the perfect duo of cleansing and treating your skin. So, use a cleansing oil morning and evening is beneficial for your skin. Just have a look at this complete guideline below.

Skin Care Secrets…


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