Best Green Glitter Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial 2016-2017
Hello girls, just a while now the famous eyeliner experts “EasyNeon” has introduced another eyeliner tutorial which is entitled Green Glitter Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial. If you are looking for Green Apple Color Inspired Eyeliner, then this tutorial is ideal for you. Today every woman is using lime green loose glitter for eye makeup to get an impressive and eye-catching look. In this post we will also educate you that how to wear glitter properly as well with an easy way. Let’s talk about the directions of this gorgeous eyeliner; apply base makeup first, remember that the glitter will be the central point, so keep the rest of your look plain – Now apply an eye shadow primer (green color) and choose shine powder more than creams, now apply a single line of black liner across the eye. For the complete information see this tutorial below.

Glitter Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial
Glitter Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

Glitter Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

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