Zille Huma Passes Away
Viewer's, today we have heated news that the daughter of legendary singer has passes away. Yes yesterday Noor Jehan's daughter Zille Huma passed away in the age of 70. It is hearing that from some days she is admitted in local hospital in Lahore-Pakistan for the medical treatment. As she was a diabetic patient and few days ago doctors has amputated her one leg. Zille Huma was a mother of three young children's.  And due to sugar (diabetesand kidney problem she was admit in the ICU many days. "May Allah Rest Her Soul In The Peace". She is survived by four sons and one daughter. Zille Huma is well known personality of Pakistan, she has write and sing so many national songs as well as film and drama songs and hot lot of fame in singing world due to sweet and miracle voice. After Noor Jehan now we missed another GOD gifted voice lady zille huma. Let's checkout some memorable pictures of Zill-e-Huma.

Zille Huma Memorable Pictures 2014

Zile Huma Pictures Of Few Months Ago

 Zille Huma Magazine Images Which Shoot On Mothers Day

 Zille Huma 2014 Photography

 Mothers Day Photo-Shoot of Zille Huma

 Zille Huma Rest In Peace

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