Shaista Lodhi Apologize For The Blasphemy Pursuit In Her Morning Show - Utho Jago Pakistan
As we know that Pakistani public is very angry with Shaista Lodhi due to Blasphemy Attempts in her morning show named Utho Jago Pakistan. On the day of 14th, May Dr Shaista organized a married ceremony of Veena Malik and Asad Bashir Khan. A live music band played a Sufi Song "Ali Ke Sath Hey Zahra Ki Shaadi" while the audience as well as show host dance on this Sufi Song. Pakistani religious leaders and Maulanas have steadily and robustly condemned TV News Channel GEO to harm the religious bias of Muslims. Well shaista lodhi's famous morning show Utho Jago Pakistan has rapidly excoriate by Muslim peoples of Pakistan as well as worldwide. On the evening of 14th, May this deliberate issue was leaked by Mubasher Lucman on his program Kharra Sach at ARY NEWS. Finally due to this Blasphemy Attempts Geo channel has been closed by cable operators and refused to see Geo right now. For that, Shaista Lodhi apologize for the blasphemy pursuit in her show. Let's see.

Shaista Lodhi Apologize 

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