Rashid Textile — a project of Rashid Tex Mart is known as a MRT. It is based in Faisalabad. Rashid Textile made high quality products for ladies and gents. In 2014, Rashid Textile has launched it's emerging dress label "MONARCA" which is so popular nationwide. Rashid Textile was founded in 1975. Rashid Textile proudly presents to you Monarca Lawn Collection. They have already launched volume-1 and volume-2 and after the getting awesome response from the market yet again they comes with Monarca Lawn Collection Vol-3. The Monarca Summer Collection offers a unique take on the time-tasted fabrics which is certain to delight both fashion enthusiasts and casual women's wear. In this collection, Rashid Textile has introduced 3 piece and 4 piece tremendous lawn attires which are stitched modernly and sensationally.
The shirts are embellished with nature inspired hues and patterns. Rashid Textile is one of the Pakistan's leading textile enterprises, with many years of expertise in Lawn/Yarn development, spinning and weaving. We hope you appreciates this brand new Monarca Lawn Collection Volume-3 for its quality and designs prowess.  

MONARCA Summer Lawn Dresses 2014-15 Vol-3

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Printed Lawn Collection

MONARCA Shalwar Kameez

Volume-3 Collection By Rashid Textile

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Monarca by Rashid Textile Front Magazine Covers

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