In every season white colour is shine your personality. From young to old age persons even men and women every one is the fan of white colour. Intricate Embroidered Neckline on shirts is basically the part of Sindhi and Balouchi trends. Gul Ahmed has maintain the old fashion and tradition of Sindh and Baluchistan. If you are going to Sindh or Baluchistan and you buy handmade embroidered neckline suits if the dress you get very expensive. Gul Ahmed has already introduced lots of dress labels for summer season. Yet again Gul Ahmed has brings wide range of cotton and lawn made white suits. This is "Gul Ahmed Serene White Jacquard Ready to Wear Collection 2014" exclusively launched for women. Glow with white this season! Gul Ahmed transforming style and fashion with overpowering designs. Checkout the complete collection of Gul Ahmed Serene White Dresses Collection.

Gul Ahmed Serene White Jacquard Dresses 2014-15

 100% Pure Cotton Kurtis With Red Sindhi Embroidery

 Printed Sleeves And Embroidered Neckline White Dresses

 White Jacquard With Heavy Embroidery

 Gul Ahmed Ready to Wear Dresses 2014

 Gul Ahmed Embroidered Dresses For Women

 Heavy Embroidered Single White Shirts Fashion

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