Viewer’s, we have always trying to sharing something fresh and updated. Today we are going to share with you Top 5 Hollywood Celebrities who are the owner of Islands in the world. Island is known as a silent place, piece of land, worlds, haven as well. It is dream of every person to spend its holiday’s at place near blue, green and cold water, beach or at island. Hollywood actors purchase island for guaranteed privacy, nobody can boss you around, no disturbance and etc. These famous 5 Hollywood actors say that we feel so proud after purchase the island. For Island-buying business there is need of handsome amount which is only afforded by Hollywood actors.  Here we have a list of top 5 celebrities who are the owner of their islands.

MEL GIBSON: Mel Gibson is famous Hollywood celebrity who is on the top 5 listing because he purchase 5440 acres costly “MAGO ISLAND” in the region of Fiji, for  $15 Million USD In 2005.

DAVID COPPERFIELD: Dadid Copperfield is well known comedian celebrity and Hollywood Star who is the owner of “150 acres Musha Cay Island” at BAHAMAS. The cost of this island is $50 Million UDS.

LOENARDO DI CAPRIO:  He is famous Hollywood celebrity who is famous due to Titanic Movie. He is also the owner of auspicious island named as “Blackadore Cay” and the cost of this island is $1.75 Million USD.

JOHNNY DEEP:  A famous movie hero “Pirates of The Carrabin” Johnny Deep has also purchase world’s most beautiful island “Little Hall’s Pond Cay”. The island having 45 acres wide area for $3.6 Million USD.

NICHOLAS CAGE: Bike Rider movie hero Nicholas Cage is also the owner of “Leaf Cay” island at Bahamas. He purchase this island for $3.6 Million USD in 2006.

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