• Regular facial will improved the condition of your skin-FALSE. Facial are merely a way of pampering the skin and making you feel relaxed and refreshed. They do not contain any medical properties so they cannot change the condition of the skin.
  • All your skin care products should be of the same brand-FALSE. Mixing brand names does not lessen the effect of the product. your main concern should be using product which suit your individual skin tones/type...and your budget!
  • Eating chocolate of fried foods can give pimples-FALSE. Pimples are a hormone related problem. Eating greasy foods and sweets is not directly linked to the condition of your skin.
  • Licking chafed lips will soothe them-FALSE. this will only worsen the problem. if your lips are dry and cracked, the only way to alleviate the irritation is to use a lip balm. it will gives shiny look on you lips. 
  • SHINE! Gone are days of dreadlocks and grungy, matted hair. The look of the moment is healthy and clean. here's a few tips we bet you never knew on how to keep your hair looking shiny ALL the time. Brush before you shampoo as your hair will retain it's shine more. Use a good conditioner (shampoo is not as important). Change hair products regularly for maximum effect. If your hair trend to frizz, use a hair wax (water soluble so it's washes out easier) to retain shine and silkiness.

  • Pastel colored brush applied to the apple of cheeks
  • Neat nails no longer than the types of finger
  • Well shaped , natural looking eyebrows
  • Matte color-stay lipstick
  • Black eye shadow
  • Heavy eye liner 
  • Straight long hairs
  • Boot shaped closed shoes
  • Diamonds
  • Jazzy,thick framed designer
  • sunglasses   
  • Dark or bright colored blush applied in streaks along the cheekbone
  • Long, pointed nails and dark nail colors
  • Plucked to death, heavy pencil eyebrows
  • Sheer, glossy lipsticks
  • Pink eyeshadow
  • Black kohl pencil
  • Short curly hair
  • Open flat sandles
  • Zircons 
  • Subdued, plain jane thin framed sunglasses

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