I've heard, the Rome was starting tradition of wearing scarf. the men had used it first. in the summer the mens wear on her head or with for wipe the sweat. the women were also starting to use it. date days feels, that Chinese Emperors ''CHINAG'' to prepared clothing scarf for milliliter officers were used to identify positions. in 19th century fashion is so popular. and in 20th century men and women both are use fashionable clothing. The Burqa is an ancient form of Abaya. nowadays every womens wear Abaya and Scarf. in some abayas have sophisticated snoring. in some abayas decorate with stunning and beautiful lace. Some scarfs decorated with artificial flower, nowadays it is a new fashion.

 Green Georgetta Scarf For Ramadan
 Stunning Blue Printed Scarf
 Printed Scarf Collection 2012-13 For Ramadan
 Gorgeous Black Abaya With Golden Lace And Embroidery
 Sophisticated Black Scarf For Ramadan Kareem
 Black Abaya Collection 2012-13
 Pink Abaya With Artificial Flower


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